My Ultimate Travel Journal: A Planner, Diary, and Activity Book for Kids


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Why Your Kids Should Keep a Travel Journal 

So you've got a trip planned, and the suitcases are practically overflowing with excitement (and maybe a few too many souvenirs for the weight limit). But before you jet set off, there's one essential item you might be forgetting: a travel journal for your little adventurer.

Sure, snapping photos is a great way to capture memories. But a travel journal offers something much more: a way for your child to truly engage with their experience and transform it into a cherished keepsake. Here's why those notebooks stuffed with scribbles and ticket stubs are little treasure troves in the making:

  • Memories that Last a Lifetime: Let's face it, our adult memories can be a bit fuzzy around the edges. A travel journal becomes a time capsule, filled with details that bring the trip back to life. Years from now, your child can revisit the sights, sounds, and even the funny little frustrations of their travels.

  • Boosting Brainpower: Travel isn't just about fun and relaxation (although there's plenty of that too!). Recording their experiences in a journal encourages kids to be observant, descriptive, and maybe even a little creative. It's a sneaky way to develop writing skills, explore new vocabulary, and improve memory retention.

  • A Spark for Creativity: Travel journals are more than just written words. They can be bursting with colorful drawings, quirky observations, and even pressed leaves or ticket stubs. This open-ended format lets kids express themselves freely and unleash their inner artist.

  • A Window to Their World: Travel broadens horizons, and a journal helps kids process all that new information. By reflecting on the cultures, landscapes, and people they encounter, they gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

  • A Safe Space for Emotions: New places can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. A travel journal provides a safe space for kids to express any anxieties or frustrations they might be feeling. It can be a valuable tool for processing emotions and making sense of new experiences.

My Ultimate Travel Journal is the ultimate travel diary for children! It contains three fun-filled sections to keep little minds occupied and engaged. Created by a seasoned traveler and educator who is also a mother of two, this workbook has it all. The planning prompts will encourage your child to learn more about their destination ahead of time. The diary contains both blank drawing pages and a lined journal section along with ideas on topics to write about. There is also an activities section with games, coloring pages, and more.

  • Deepen your child's understanding of history and culture
  • Make traveling easier by encouraging your child to plan ahead and know what to expect
  • Create lifelong memories
  • Encourage your children to reflect upon their experiences
  • Make time fly with handy activities
  • Fun family game ideas are included
This workbook is small enough to fit in a purse and easy to transport. There are over three weeks' worth of journaling pages with prompts that are targeted for children in elementary or primary school. Younger kids may need a little help reading some of the prompts.


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